Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone/iPad 1.7.2 released.

The latest version of Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone/iPad (1.7.2) was released today.
In this version we have fixed some memory leak issues that occasionally happened when using the program for long periods of time.
Please update to the latest version.

Check Sleipnir Mobile in the App Store.

Fixed Issues

-The crash issue that occasionally occurs after long periods of use has been fixed.
-Multiple memory leak problems have been solved, and crashing that occasionally occurred after long periods of use has been fixed.
-The issue where after repeatedly starting and closing the program, large amounts of memory is consumed, has been fixed.
-The bug that occurs in tabs when using the passcode-lock feature has been fixed. (Black Edition)
-The issue where tab groups display becomes disarranged, has been fixed.
-Also, the issue where part of the screen becomes unusable, has been fixed.

Other Modifications:

-The operational improvements and fixed issues below have also been included.
-Support for playing internet radio etc. in the background has been added.
-The gesture recognition method for when closing tabs by drawing an "L" character has been modified so that it does not happen when you do not intend it do so.
-The issue where Tapmarklets bookmarklet addition screen could not be closed in iOS 5 has been fixed.
-We will continue to make regular improvements to this software in the future. Please feel free to send us any feedback. Thank you.

Social Account:

We regularly tweet regarding the latest development information about our products on the official Fenrir Inc. developer account. If you are interested, please feel free to follow us!
We also communicate with users and post the latest information on the official Sleipnir Mobile Facebook page. If you enjoy using Sleipnir please show that you "like it"!

Please download for free from here.
For more details, please visit here.

Thank you!

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