Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Have you installed IE8?

by Nami

 Hi, everyone!

Have you installed Internet Explorer 8?
(Internet Explorer 8 is for operating system, WindowsXP or newer. Please visit the site below for more details and download)


Sleipnir uses Internet Explorer engine so when you install IE8, Sleipnir can use your updated IE engine. If you are using WindowsXP/ Vista and still have not installed the newest version yet, please install. It can solve issues such as Sleipnir sometimes seems to be heavy or freezes.

You can uninstall IE8 easily if problems occur after installing it, so we recommend you to install Internet Explorer 8.

Thank you very much!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Headline-Reader Plug-in and OpenLink Extension are updated!

 by Kenjiro, Plug-in developer

Hi, I'm Kenjiro from plug-in development team.

Today we updated 2 plug-ins, Headline-Reader Plugin and OpenLink Extension.
We fixed bugs and made some changes by users' requests.

*Headline-Reader Plug-in 1.3.4

-Fixed bug that shows an error dialog on startup the program on a certain environment.

*OpenLink Extension 1.0.2

-Enable to use variables below for “Program used on opening file” on the detailed setting window so that you can choose to save in file or URI on executing program.

{file}...Saving destination file name

 -Fixed bug that “Program used on opening file” returned to the previous setting even after changing its setting and restarting Sleipnir.

OpenLink Extension download page

For Headline-Reader plug-in users:
Please update the plug-in since the issue above may occur depending on change of your operation environment.

Thank you very much.