Monday, March 16, 2009

Headline-Reader Plug-in and OpenLink Extension are updated!

 by Kenjiro, Plug-in developer

Hi, I'm Kenjiro from plug-in development team.

Today we updated 2 plug-ins, Headline-Reader Plugin and OpenLink Extension.
We fixed bugs and made some changes by users' requests.

*Headline-Reader Plug-in 1.3.4

-Fixed bug that shows an error dialog on startup the program on a certain environment.

*OpenLink Extension 1.0.2

-Enable to use variables below for “Program used on opening file” on the detailed setting window so that you can choose to save in file or URI on executing program.

{file}...Saving destination file name

 -Fixed bug that “Program used on opening file” returned to the previous setting even after changing its setting and restarting Sleipnir.

OpenLink Extension download page

For Headline-Reader plug-in users:
Please update the plug-in since the issue above may occur depending on change of your operation environment.

Thank you very much.

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