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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The road to the Sleipnir 3 for Windows web broswer

From April this year, it will have been 10 years since the official version of Sleipnir 1.0 was released.
Sleipnir was born during the dawn of the tab browser era, and grew gradually while overcoming countless hurdles.

For those of you who have been using Sleipnir for many years, you may already know about the case where the laptop containing the source code of Sleipnir was stolen while the founder and president, Kashiwagi was developing it.
That was November 16th 2004.

After that, Sleipnir 2 was announced, and then our company, Fenrir Inc. was established and so 7 years has passed until the official release of Sleipnir 3 on November 16th 2011.

Around 3 years passed since the announcement of development of Sleipnir 3 for Windows.
I would like to explain a little about why it took 3 years to provide you with the next version of Sleipnir.

Your selected browser

After the announcement that development for Sleipnir 3 for Windows had started, web browsers using [rendering speed] as their selling point rapidly started to take the majority share of the market. Many browsers began to fight each other using [speed] that is faster than can be felt. Also, many developers from around the word were fascinated by open-source and global platforms, and so started to provide add-ons.
The more development for Sleipnir 3 for Windows proceeded, the more the gap between Sleipnir 3 for Windows and other browsers became apparent.

Advancing to only provide viewing of web contents, in response to competitor web browsers, what should Sleipnir 3 for Windows do?
What is a browser that you choose?

After the announcement that development for Sleipnir 3 for Windows had started, 2 years was spent stabilizing the foundations of production, and then around 1 year ago, the product entry was announced as Next Sleipnir. However, at that time, it was decided to totally change the completed product specifications and start from scratch.

This is the reason it took us 3 years to come this far.

And so with the continued support from our userbase and thorough testing, it was finally released with the slogan [The rich and powerful web browser].

Towards the rich and powerful web browser

The goal of Sleipnir 3 for Windows is to achieve a natural browser with feeling.
Not just a browser that displays content, but a browser where you can feel a sense of emotion from displayed content and so enjoy your time when using the browser.
An interface that stimulates the senses as [rich], the advanced tab functions as [performance].

TouchPaging, Full-screen mode, bookmark synchronization, and not forgetting advanced tab functionality are all characteristic features of Sleipnir 3 for Windows, the rich and powerful web browser.
The first release of Sleipnir 3 for Windows did not come with target-specific functions and support for plug-ins.

At this point we are sorry we can not please all our userbase by providing these features from the first release.

However, rather than providing all the desired features right from the start, we though it was more important to release the official version so we can start advancing forward and start working with our userbase.
We would be very happy if you would like to experience the progress of Sleipnir 3 for Windows with us.

The web is much more fun with Sleipnir

We have not just released a Windows version of Sleipnir, but also versions for Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows Phone.

By using the Fenrir Pass account service as a hub, you can connect with web services in addition to just a web browser. Fenrir Pass can be found here.
Use it to make browsing with Sleipnir even more enjoyable.
We are aiming to provide Sleipnir to users all around the world.
New web services are also being planned.
Please look forward to the web of tomorrow that Fenir Inc. is paving out.
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Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone/iPad 1.7.2 released.

The latest version of Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone/iPad (1.7.2) was released today.
In this version we have fixed some memory leak issues that occasionally happened when using the program for long periods of time.
Please update to the latest version.

Check Sleipnir Mobile in the App Store.

Fixed Issues

-The crash issue that occasionally occurs after long periods of use has been fixed.
-Multiple memory leak problems have been solved, and crashing that occasionally occurred after long periods of use has been fixed.
-The issue where after repeatedly starting and closing the program, large amounts of memory is consumed, has been fixed.
-The bug that occurs in tabs when using the passcode-lock feature has been fixed. (Black Edition)
-The issue where tab groups display becomes disarranged, has been fixed.
-Also, the issue where part of the screen becomes unusable, has been fixed.

Other Modifications:

-The operational improvements and fixed issues below have also been included.
-Support for playing internet radio etc. in the background has been added.
-The gesture recognition method for when closing tabs by drawing an "L" character has been modified so that it does not happen when you do not intend it do so.
-The issue where Tapmarklets bookmarklet addition screen could not be closed in iOS 5 has been fixed.
-We will continue to make regular improvements to this software in the future. Please feel free to send us any feedback. Thank you.

Social Account:

We regularly tweet regarding the latest development information about our products on the official Fenrir Inc. developer account. If you are interested, please feel free to follow us!
We also communicate with users and post the latest information on the official Sleipnir Mobile Facebook page. If you enjoy using Sleipnir please show that you "like it"!

Please download for free from here.
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to use Sleipnir 3 for Mac


The Mac version of Sleipnir 3 is not a mere copy of the Windows version. It is optimized for use with the Mac.
The design, layout and usage is very similar to when using other products from Apple inc. such as the iPhone.
It makes exceptional use of the trackpad, offering many familiar gestures.
Following the same trend as Apple inc., Sleipnir 3 for Mac offers a simple to use interface with as little waste space as possible.
You can also search opened tabs, bookmarks and your history.
Oh, and last but not least, you can sync your bookmarks with all versions of Sleipnir. So feel free to take with you and use the same bookmarks on your iPhone, iPad or even devices from other companies such as the Android.

Touch gestures with the trackpad

Pinch-in to enable "TiledTab". Then you can switch tab groups by swiping.
Glide from tab to tab by swiping along the trackpad.

We have made Sleipnir 3 for Mac as simple as possible so that you can use your browser for what it is meant to do, browse the web.
Sleipnir 3 for Mac comes installed with functions for many tasks you often do, and with a compact, uncomplicated interface that you will never get tired of.

The address bar only when necessary

The address bar is usually compactly displayed in the top-right corner of the browser window. It can be edited by clicking it or pressing the command key + L. By reducing the space the adress bar took up in the tool bar, we have created a much more pleasant, free from clutter style.
Even if you omit part of a Web address, when connecting to a https site, an icon is displayed to show that data is being safely transferred. Also, website candidates from open tabs, bookmarks and your history are incrementally displayed when inputting an address.

The download progress bar

A download progress bar is specially displayed at the top right corner of the browser window when a file is being downloaded. Even when you are downloading multiple files, the overall download progress is displayed so you check everything in a glance. However, if you click the progress bar you can check the download progress of each individual file.
The download history is displayed when a download is finished. When there is no download history, the icon is not displayed so that no unnecessary space is taken.

Open bookmarks from a new tab

Bookmarks can be opened by pulling down the new tab button located at the right-hand side of the tabs. By not displaying a bookmark bar in this way, you can access bookmarks without any space being wasted.
The bookmark bar that only has a color displayed when necessary
The bookmark bar is usually displayed in black and white, but is displayed in color when the cursor is moved towards it. We have done this so you are not disturbed by other things on the screen when you want to focus on browsing the web.

Support for Lion full screen

Support is available for the standard full screen of Lion. Because of the simple design, the full screen mode can be very effectively used.
Smoothly and quickly switch between tabs using touch gestures.


Open tabs can be displayed in a picture list view by performing a pinch-in(a pinch movement using two fingers) on the track pad Using this view it is possible to find the page you are look for faster than the original task bar, especially when there are many tabs opened. The transition between the TiledTab screen and standard screen is also very smooth.
It is possible to switch between 6 different tab groups by swiping left and right with TiledTab.

Switching between tabs

Tabs can be instally switch between by swiping left and right. You can move between pages as if you are seeminglessly scrolling through one page. This makes it easy to speedily to browse through the web and perform your desired tasks.
The swipe gestures are made to match the standard operations used in Mac OS X. You can scroll using the 3 finger swiping(2 fingers with a mouse) of Mac OS X Snow Leopard(10.6 and the 2 finger swipe(One finger with a mouse) of OS X Lion(10.7).
Also, you can perform back and forward operations by swiping while holding down the command key.

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Introduction to the TouchPaging user interface

Until TouchPaging: Introduction to ideas for creating an easy to understand user interface.
Even if you do not press the small tab bar you can switch between tabs quickly with TouchPaging.
TouchPaging is not just used in iPhone/iPad but is one of the characteristics of Sleipnir. Today, I want to introduce to you just how the TouchPaging in Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone/iPad became what is today.

Scroll just like usual

The main feature of TouchPaging is that you can [scroll just like usual]. Because of this, anybody can start using it without having to go through tedious instructions. In order to achieve this, TouchPaging has been made to start only when scrolling at the very edge of the screen.
First of all, it is necessary to have a space between pages. If the user does not when a page ends and when a page starts, he might accidently jump to the next page.


Just like when scrolling

If the same scrolling system is going to be used, then of course TouchPaging should be displayed in the same way as when scrolling normally.
The background and shadowing displayed when scrolling at the edges of the screen are actually the same as with the iOS. The background when TouchPaging has been made so it is the same as usual so there is no sense of awkwardness. If a different color appeared in the background when scrolling you might not know what is happening.

Incidentally, we have made the depth of the shadowing a little weak because the distance between pages isn't very large and to improve performance.

Enter the mode

The next thing we thought of was how to reload tabs. Even with the limitied memory of the iPhone and iPad, there are still occasions when opened tabs are reloaded. Just moving to the next tab results in reloading them.

In order to solve this memory-wasting issue, we created a mode so that tabs are not reloaded every time. Because of this, it is possible to smoothly and quickly go all the way to the furthest open tab.

Informing when you have entered the mode

Next, it is important that the user realizes that he has entered the mode. This is the reason why when starting TouchPaging, the page shrinks and when going back, the screen is set to fit a certain size. Even so, we still made sure to display everything as obviously as possible to provide the feeling that you are directly switching between pages.
Also, we have made it so the display is automatically fixed when you remove your finger, so that you do not become confused about how to exit the mode. We have also made sure to minimize the time it takes to fix the display so that you do not waste time waiting.

Determining which tab is selected

We thought that it would be easier to use if you could tell which tab you are trying to switch to when using TouchPaging. We believe it is very important that you can predict what the results will be of the operation you are about to perform.
Incidentally, if you look very closely you can probably see that only when starting TouchPaging does the distance for the next tab to be highlighted become short. We have made it short only at the start so that you can start quickly with a swipe. Even then, you can see which tab is being switched to, making it easy to operate as usual regardless of the distance.

Mac/PC does not enter the mode

TouchPaging is also included in Sleipnir 3 for Mac and Windows, but they do not enter the mode. The reason for this is that unlike the iPhone and iPad, the Mac and PC do not reload every time. Just going to the next tab is enough, reducing the waiting time.
Even for the same usage and same operations, we are always trying our best to provide the best results by changing the operationability for each version of Sleipnir.
For more information about Sleipnir 3 for Mac, please click here.
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Sleipnir 2 Web Browser Keyboard Shortcuts

When browsing the web and performing various tasks, it can become tedious if you end up performing the same time-consuming operations.
To save time, there are many different keyboard combinations known as keyboard shortcuts that can be performed to quickly execute common tasks.
Learning these keyboard shortcuts can be difficult and bothersome. Most of you may know "Ctl + C" to copy and a few other shortcuts, but there are many many more out there.
I have listed the common keyboard shortcuts used in Sleipnir 2 for Windows below, so that you can easily find out quick alternatives to the common tasks you are used to.

(Depending on the region your keyboard comes from, there is a possibility that the keys are arranged differently resulting in some functions not working as displayed below.)

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Sleipnir 3 Web Browser Keyboard Shortcuts

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