Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Introduction to the secret tricks for Sleipnir 3 Option Searching!

Today, I would like to introduce Option Searching tips (probably not even known by the members of staff here at Fenrir Inc.!) for Sleipnir 3 for Windows.

I want to display all the options

By inserting an asterisk (*) into the option search, and performing a search, all the options can be viewed in a list.
Scrolling on the option search results screen can be performed, perfect for users who feel going through all the options from the top of the options screen is too much bother.

I want to search more easily

In the optional search fields, even searching with [default], [Set], or [browser] returns [Set as default browser].
Please note that currently, searches are case-sensitive. So searching for [Change] will not return results with [change]. It is possible to search for both [Change] and [change] by inputting them both together with a space between them, [Change change].
A basic search dictionary has still not be set up. However, with future updates, we intend to make optional search fields easier to use and understand.

I want to know more advanced tricks

You can pin-point options by searching with the format: [#<ID>]in the optional search page.
By inputting [#option:SetAsDefaultBrowser] and searching, you can display [Set as default browser] straight away.
By inputting [#option:Language] and searching, you can display [Language for user interface].

The search functions with this ID have the advantage of being fixed regardless of the user interface language.
Please be aware that small and capital letters are distinguished between in the ID.
Also, this function is in experimental stages, so I will stop at just introducing the function, and instead investigate the ID functions that can be used.

And now

So how was it? For users who have never used optional searches, please use this opportunity to give it a try.
So, enjoy Sleipnir 3 life!

Thank you!

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