Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sleipnir 3 for Windows 3.0.5 released

- Slow down problems and compatibility with IE have been improved
- The issue where operationability stopped when tabs are closed has been fixed
- The issue where the resulting operation when a link is clicked differed with IE has been fixed
- 4 force termination bugs have been fixed

Please download for free from here!

Fixed Issues

In Sleipnir 3.0.5 the following changes since Sleipnir 3.0.4 have been made.

Main modifications:

- The issue where the browser would stop working properly when closing tabs, etc., has been improved
- Operations upon clicking some links has been made to work just like in IE
- Links from mailers, etc., have been modified to be displayed properly
- [Display]->[Encode]->Unicode(UTF-7) has been deleted from the command bar
- FenrirFS synchronization has been improved

Fixed Issues:

- 4 forced termination bugs fixed from FeedbackAgent data
- Issue where files could not be opened from other applications as related in XP has been fixed
- Issue where the panel that is shown when the F1 key is pressed is incorrectly displayed , has been fixed
- The inaccurate message that is displayed when Sleipnir fails to restart has been rectified
- Strange translations have been rectified

For the full list of issues that have been fixed, please refer to the release notes.

For more details of Sleipnir for Windows 3.0.5, please visit here.
Please download for free from here!

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