Friday, January 13, 2012

5 functions to make effective use of tab groups in Sleipnir 3 for Windows

Tab groups is a new addition to Sleipnir 3 for Windows. The tab groups function itself is also available for Sleipnir Mobile, but there are some functions that are only available for Sleipnir 3 for Windows.
So this time, I would like to introduce a few functions to make effective use of tab groups.

1. Group together and bookmark all tabs in a tab group

Tabs in a tab group can be grouped together and bookmarked in one go by dragging a tab group and dropping it in the bookmark bar or panel. When you do this, the group name is automatically used as the folder name.

This can also be achieved by right clicking a tab group and clicking "Save as bookmark".

The following dialog is displayed.

2. Create a tab group for searching

When you do not want to mix searches with other tabs, you can insert a check in Tools | Customize | Tab group | Group search results.

By doing this, when you perform a search in the search bar, a tab group for searching is created and searches are added in tabs in that tab group.

3. Create a tab group to group the same domain names

Drag a tab downwards and drop it in [Group by domain] in the displayed menu.

Also by selecting [Group by parent-child relationship] you can group together tabs that have been opened from that tab.

4. Change the tab group icon

If the majority of tabs in a tab group are from the same domain, the favicon of that domain is automatically displayed.
However, you can also change this manually by right clicking a tab group and selecting [Change icon].

5. Change the color of a tab group

The color of tab groups are automically set to a color not being used out of the 20 available colors. However, colors can also be set by the user.
Customize the tab group color by right clicking a tab group and selecting [Change group color].

And so that is the end of my brief description of the 5 tab group functions I wanted to introduce.
Also, if you use (1),(2),or (3), you can perform many searches, and then group them together and then bookmark all those tabs in the same group, and then if you want to delete all the search results in one go later on.
You can also perform functions such as [Close all tabs] or [Refresh all tabs] with the TouchPaging gestures, so please feel free to check them out.
If you still have not tried out the tab groups, then I definitely recommend you to give them a go!

Thank you!

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