Monday, December 19, 2011

Sleipnir 3 for Windows 3.0.4 released.

We are very happy to announce you that Sleipnir 3 for Windows 3.0.4 has been released. With this version, Overall operational stability has been improved, and Chinese user interface display was added.

Please download for free from here.
Release Notes.

Stability Improved

Thank you very much for all your requests and bug reports. For the latest release (3.0.4), we have fixed the forced termination issue that we received from your feedback.

The analaysis system used for receiving feedback when a force termination occurs in 3.0.3 has been improved, providing us with with a more accurate analysis of the cause of the forced termination issue. The top three factors causing forced terminations are:

1. Re-calculating Chevron(the ">>" button that appears when shrinking the toolbar). (13%)
2. Accessing window.external (13%)
3. Using the Trident compatability switching function (5%)

There were also errors occurring with Trident and some of the plug-ins it uses, but were able to create solutions for the top 3 issues for 3.0.4.

We will continue to work towards improving stability. Please help us by providing your feedback.
Thank you.

Improved Bookmarks

The issue where when changing bookmarks after editing the save time of bookmarks, bookmarks would not save properly, has been improved.
For users using 3.0.4 who still have the problem where bookmarks are undone, you may be able to solve the problem by deleting the FenrirFS profile.

Chinese Version Added

In addition to English version being added, now it is available in Chinese.

If you find any strange translations or any functions that feel unnatural, we would be most thankful if you could let us know.

Fixed Issues

Main modifications:
- Leakage from long term use has been reduced by reusing threads.
- Issue where the order would not be maintained when synchronizing bookmarks with Pass has been fixed.
- The issue where sometimes synchronizing bookmarks with FenrirFS would not work has been fixed.

For the full list of issues that have been fixed, please refer to the release notes.

For more details of Sleipnir for Windows 3.0.4, please visit here.
Please download for free from here!

Thank you!

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