Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sleipnir 2.9.9 has been released.

We are very happy to announce you that Sleipnir 2.9.9 has been released. We have fixed some of the bugs in Sleipnir 2.9.9.

Download Sleipnir 2.9.9 for free.

The modifications made since Sleipnir 2.9.9 Official Version are listed below.

[Spec Changes]
- Release notes are displayed after installing and updating.
- GPU rendering is not executed on default, when using IE9.

[Fixed Bugs]
- The bug where the version of IE being used could not be detected has been fixed.
- The bug where automatic updates of search queries would not work properly, has been fixed.

Please download for free from here!

Thank you.

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