Tuesday, December 20, 2011

FenrirFS 2.2 released.

We are very happy to announce you that SnapCrab for Windows has been released. SnapCrab is a screenshot capture software, supported to post images to Twitter, Facebook and Evernote.

Download SnapCrab for Windows for free from here.
Release Note.

Layered Label Groups

So what exactly is this layered label groups? Simply, it is a function to [create label groups in label groups]. Until now, label groups have only been one layer, so when labels increased a lot, the number of label in a single group became so much that it would be difficult to find labels quickly.

With the layered label groups, labels are better managed, making it easier to find labels.

How to make child label groups

Firstly, in the original order, a dialogue box for creating a label group is displayed.If you select [Add Label Group] from the bottom menu, a dialogue for adding label groups like the bottom image is displayed.

After the add label group dialogue, input the group name, and select the parent group and click OK. The child groups are displayed a little to the right when using the drop down list from the parent group.

If you select [Unset] in the parent group, it becomes a top level group.

It is also possible to drag and drop groups from the label list, and turn them into a child group.

In addition to functions, we have also added Chinese as a displayable language, so please feel free to update to the newest version of FenrirFS.

Please download for free from here!

Thank you.

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