Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sleipnir Interface Contest!!

by Nami

We start Sleipnir Interface Contest from December 4th to December 14th!!

Sleipnir is very customizable browser, so each of you can have your own interface. Your Sleipnir desktop can be different from others depending on your needs, your favorite features, and added functions etc.

What functions does everyone use often? What kind of Sleipnir interface does everyone have?
If you are interested, join in Sleipnir Interface Contest NOW!

It's very easy to participate:

1. Open your customized Sleipnir

2. Take a screen shot of your Sleipnir
(We recommend you to use our plug-in, SnapCrab.
If you use it for the first time, please read “SnapCrab mini lesson” below!)

3. Post it to our facebook community with your comments
 (your country and what functions you add or your favorite points of Sleipnir etc)

After the deadline, we may interview with users who have very unique desktop and update it on this Fenrir developer's blog!!
You can also participate just writing your comments on other users' posted screen shots!

Take your Sleipnir screen shot and post it to our facebook community!
You may be the one who will be spotlighted in our blog!
We are looking forward to your entry!

Thank you!!

☆SnapCrab mini lesson!

1. Download SnapCrab
2. Restart Sleipnir
3. You can find a new bar under the address bar
4. Select 5th icon from the left
5. Press Ctrl key on your opend Sleipnir window
6. Taken screen shot will be saved on your desk top!

Then don't forget to post it to our community ;-) Deadline is 14th!!

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