Monday, January 19, 2009

New skin "Ruse" is NOW RELEASED!

by Nami

Today I'd like to introduce our NEW skin, "Ruse"!

 This new skin was named "Ruse" since our design team created it getting inspiration from "Ruse Black." Ruse Black is black flower which booms in the winter and is also called "Christmas rose." 

We introduced the color of the flower, black and its chicness and gorgeousness that the flower has into the skin. Try our new skin now!  You can download from:

Garden Skin -Ruse- 0.01 Download
* This skin is only for Sleipnir "Advanced style skin," so before applying, please set your skin design form "Menu bar/ Tools/ Change design/ Design/ Advance"

We also released 4 different sized "Ruse" wallpaper!

Please Select your screen size and down load from:

Garden Skin -Ruse- WallPaper(1280*1024px)
Garden Skin -Ruse- WallPaper(1440*900px)
Garden Skin -Ruse- WallPaper(1600*1200px)
Garden Skin -Ruse- WallPaper(1680*1050px)

This is actually one of the series of "Garden skins" we've just started!
Garden skin series is that our design team creates skin getting inspiration from flowers!
We plant to release Garden skins from now and introduce them here when they are released, so DON'T MISS IT;-)

I hope you enjoy browsing with Sleipnir with "Ruse."
Thank you very much!!


Neostar said...

Thank you for the skin, its very pleasing to use (^_^)

anime said...

Skin is great.
Miss Nami, I have a question about your wallpapers provided here.
Can I use some on my blog that Im making?

Danijel from Croatia.

Fenrir Inc. said...

Hi, anime,

Thank you for your message and confirmation.

Yes, you can use them but please follow these terms of use below:
1.Please don't use for commercial purposes, for your private use only.
2.Please don't redistribute.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.