Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sleipnir 3.0.2 has been released.

Sleipnir 3.0.2 is finally available in English!!!

Please try Sleipnir and give us your feedback.

Download Sleipnir 3.0.2 for free.

- TouchPaging
Pages can be switched between by just dragging with the right button. Moving between pages really feels smooth and natural, as if you are directly moving them with your fingers.

- Rich Full Screen Mode
The feeling when using the easy tab switching of the all new full screen mode makes everyday browsing a much more pleasant experience.

- Speedy Tab Performances
Sleipnir starts in an instance, even when opening hundreds of tabs. There is also no waiting time when opening a mass of bookmarks at one time.

- Bookmark Sync with All Sleipnir
Sleipnir can be used on the iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac as well. With FenrirPasss, you can sync all your Sleipnir bookmarks for free using FenrirPass.

For more details of Sleipnir 3.0.2, please visit here.
Please download for free from here!

Thank you!

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