Wednesday, November 30, 2011

FenrirFS 2.1 has been released.

FenrirFS is now available in English!

FenrirFS is a file management software where you can easily view everything in 3 different modes and manage any kind of file using labels. This software is full of original functions, such as being able to preview files without opening them, and synchronize folders automatically.

Download FenrirFS 2.1 for free

- Manage all files with labels.
Manage files using labels in 3 easy to view display mode.

- Immediately confirm files using the preview screen.
Preview files quickly using Quick Preview.

- Easy to use automatic synchronization.
Everything automatically reflected in FenrirFS just by adding to folders.

- Easy to post images to Facebook / Evernote / Twitter
You can post other files than images to Evernote.

[Other Features]
- Work Tray: Added files are put into the Work Tray first.
- Archives: You can archive the files in the Work Tray.
- Stars and Comments: Added remarks to special files.
- Smart Folders: Quick access to files that meet your conditions.
- Automatic Sorting Filters: You can set various actions such as archiving and adding labels when adding a file
- Keyboard Shortcuts: Large variety of keyboard shortcuts.

Please download for free from here!

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