Friday, November 14, 2008

The second arc of our history

by Miki

Have you read our history and secret?

We will mark the 3rd anniversary of the founding of Fenrir Inc on November 16th. Our history is on "History page" above but here I'd like to talk more details about how and why our company philosophy was created.

As history shows that his PCs for software development were stolen three years ago and he lost all the source codes of Sleipnir. So he had no choice but to give up Sleipnir. After the accident, he was so shocked that he could not get out of his bed for a week.

He had already huge number of users in Japan at that time. And when he reported this accident, it became big news and he received lots of encouraging messages from users. Also some users even started contacting with each other and they tried to support him.

He re-realized that he was supported by many users and decided to re-create Sleipnir from the beginning. This accident deepened more communication with users.

"Provide happiness for users through software," "creating software for users" now became company philosophy of Fenrir Inc.

We have started advancing into the global market since this year. We would like to communicate actively with users as same as Japan around the world and create and offer continuously more enhanced browser for users.

We have received lots of supports and warm messages since we created Sleipnir. We keep making our best efforts to offer high custamizable, highly quality, and elegant designed browser for YOU!!

Thank you very much for using Sleipnir and your kind support!

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