Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sleipnir 3 for Mac RC has been released!

We are very happy to announce you that Sleipnir 3 for Mac RC has been released!

Prior to the official release planned in Novemver, we have improved its functional maturity as well as adding new features.

Download Sleipnir 3 for Mac RC

[New Features]
Full Screen
  Supports Lion Full Screen Mode!
  With minimal design, Sleipnir 3 for Mac maximize your browsing space.

Split Screen
You can keep 2 webpages open on the screen. Browse as usual while viewing Facebook,   watching video, or researching. Drag a link on the screen to the other screen to open it. One screen can be displayed smaller than the other.
Available in Lion Full Screen as well.

[Other Features]
New way to find a wanted webpage at once. PinchIn on the trackpad to view all tabs. You can switch tab groups just by Swiping.

Bookmarks can be sorted neatly with color-coded labels.

And more!

For detail and download, please visit here!
Thank you!

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