Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sleipnir for Mac β released!

We are very happy to announce you that Sleipnir for Mac β has been released.

Please enjoy its minimalist design and sophisticated functions.

Features are as below:

■ Available in English!!!

■ Tab and Tab Groups
- Open a bookmarked link from New Tab button
- Colored tab groups
- Applied Lion 2-finger swipe
- Double click on the blank to create a new tab
- Move tab groups with shortcut key
- Close TiledTab by clicking a bar
- Open a new tab at the front / in the backgroud

■ Bookmark
- Enable to sync Sleipnir bookmarks on the other platforms
(iPhone/ iPad / Mac / Android /Windows*)
*Sleipnir for Windows has to be RC3 or above and now available only in Japanese. 
- Change a label color
- Manage unlabled bookmarks
- Sort by labels
- History
- Open a bookmark with "command + click"

■ Web Browsing
- Search tabs/bookmarks/history from address bar
- Insert address and "command + return" to create a new tab
- Applied various shortcut operations
- Double click a title bar to close a window
- Reduced memory usage

Thank you!

Available here (Free) !!!
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