Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Temporarily unavailable for Sleipnir Mobile 1.0 and new version 1.2 coming soon for iPhone and iPad

Fenrir Inc. has applied for Sleipnir Mobile 1.2 including new features for iPhone and iPad in App Store and you can download new one soon.

In fact, version 1.1 including iPad were ready and approved for App store when version 1.0 has released, but we received  many responses for 1.0 and decided to put off  1.1 and developed more as 1.2.
In App Store scheme we must close the current version, 1.0 first while 1.2 is in the process of App Store.

Sorry for the inconvenience for temporarily unable to download.
We announce again that Sleipnir Mobile 1.2 has already been filed in App Store.
We are also sure that you can enjoy new features.

Thank you.

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Dekaritae said...

Will it be universal, or a separate app for iPad?