Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sleipnir 2.9.3 stable RELEASED!!

by Nami

We released Sleipnir 2.9.3 stable today!

You can download Sleipnir 2.9.3 from the linked page below:
Sleipnir 2.9.3 download page

Sleipnir now supports "Data Execution Prevention (DEP)" to enforce security and we have fixed bugs to display Sleipnir correctly on Windows 7 Aero Peek and bugs reported by users.

Please visit Sleipnir 2.9.3 release note for further details:
Sleipnir 2.9.3 release note

If you have feedback of the newest version of Sleipnir, please post it here. We are always happy to hear your comments.

Thank you very much!

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