Monday, October 5, 2009

New Garden Skin "Anemone" RELEASED!!

by Nami

We released new skin, "Anemone," from the "Garden skin series" today!

This skin color came from flower called "Anemone."  We wanted to create something very different from the skins we already have, so we hope you enjoy the difference using "Anemone"!

The skin has only 5 designed toolbar icons so far, but we plan to design others and release as an official version in the near future. 
You can download the skin from:
Graden Skin -Anemone- 0.0.1 Download

* This skin is only for Sleipnir "Advanced style skin," so before applying, please set your skin design form "Menu bar/ Tools/ Change design/ Design/ Advance"

* You can download this skin only from this blog and our Japanese Laboratory page.

We also created graphic wallpaper!

We created something simple and cool since the skin has a bit strong color.
There are 4 sizes.  If you like it, please select your screen size and download from:

Garden Skin vol.04 -Anemone- WallPaper(1280*1024px)
Garden Skin vol.04 -Anemone- WallPaper(1440*900px)
Garden Skin vol.04 -Anemone- WallPaper(1600*1200px)
Garden Skin vol.04 -Anemone- WallPaper(1680*1050px)

We would like to hear your feedback of "Anemone" and ideas for the next skin!  So please post your comments or requests about Sleipnir skins here. We are looking forward to hearing from you!!

Thank you very much!

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