Monday, September 15, 2008

Fenrir has launched its Developers Blog.

Dear Sleipnir users around the world,

More and more people around the world have started using Sleipnir since we opened
our global site in June this year (We are trying to develop Sleipnir in other languages as well.
If you could help us, that would be great!!).

We have tried to spread Sleipnir for 3 years in Japan and we have sent developers' messages and
communicated with many users directly, especially through “Developers' Blog.”

So we decided to translate “Developers' Blog” into English when it is updated to communicate with
users around the world through the blog.

We will continue to come up with surprising ideas to develop Sleipnir from now on.

We are looking forward you to join this blog and waiting to hear comments from you!

Software provides Happiness
Software meets Design

Sincerely yours,
Fenrir Inc.

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